The mission of the CMAF is to empower people with the knowledge and understanding of amyloidosis for earlier detection, ensuring a better quality of life for those afflicted with the disease and to help science find the cures.

What is Amyloidosis?

Amyloidosis (am-uh-loi-DO-sis) is a disease that occurs when substances called amyloid proteins build up in your organs. Amyloid is an abnormal protein usually produced by cells in your bone marrow that can be deposited in any tissue or organ. Amyloidosis can affect different organs in different people, and there are different types of amyloid. Amyloidosis frequently affects the heart, kidneys, liver, spleen, nervous system and gastrointestinal tract. Amyloidosis is rare, and the exact cause is often unknown. Treatments are available to help you manage your symptoms of amyloidosis and limit the production of amyloid protein. More details and symptoms can be found on Mayo Clinic's website by clicking here.

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Artist, Christi Salmestrelli, is providing wonderful opportunity for you to order some original artwork while helping the Chip Miller Charitable Foundation. Miss Salmestrelli will donate 10% of the final cost to the Chip Miller Charitable Foundation. We encourage you to view his website to check out his incredible work: Below are the details regarding his…


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Wrap-up of Annual Chip Miller Events

Wrap-up of Annual Chip Miller Events Another Successful Year of Golf and Surf Fests in Ocean City OCEAN CITY, NJ – This past week, the Ocean City area hosted two successful events – the Chip Miller Surf Fest and the Chip Miller Clubs & Cars Golf Classic. 12th Annual Chip Miller Surf Fest The Chip…

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