Board of Director’s Profile: Nick Bricker

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nick_brickerBoard of Director’s Profile: Nick Bricker

Why I’m Involved with the Chip Miller Charitable Foundation

Why did you become involved with Chip Miller Charitable Foundation: I started the first surf contest before the foundation formed. Mrs. Miller had asked me to help with a few events when the foundation was forming since I had already done work for Chip’s legacy and Amyloidosis. From that point on, I’ve been involved with the organization.

I stay involved because: Lance is my best friend. His father was a second father figure for me growing up. He helped me in so many ways throughout my childhood. Getting involved with the foundation was the least I could do for him.  I stay involved because of the impact the foundation makes on those with amyloidosis.

The thing that impresses you the most about the organization: I am continually impressed by the motivation of board members, volunteers and supporters who make it their duty to get the word out about amyloidosis and to educate the public.

The thing that you want everyone to know about the organization: We are 100 percent committed to raising awareness and money to fight for the cause. We are also committed to helping those who may need assistance going forward.

One word that best describes the organization: Solid. A solid group of the people.

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