12th Annual Chip Miller Surf Fest presented by Billabong & Subaru


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12th Annual Chip Miller Surf Fest presented by Billabong & Subaru
A New Approach to an Annual Event – July 24, 2015

OCEAN CITY, NJ – After a dozen years with hosting the Surf Fest event, the Chip Miller Charitable Foundation (CMCF) is partnering with the Ocean City Waves of Caring (WOC) to put a new spin on a classic event. Nick Bricker, the CMCF event manager, notes that “we [CMCF] are quite excited to be taking a new direction; we are pleased to be working with such a fine local charity like Waves of Caring.”

Bricker has been in partnership with WOC chairman, James Smith in aligning the two organizations to give back to the Ocean City (OC) community. On average each year, WOC has assisted close to 90 local families, bringing support and hope to nearly 200 children from the OC area.

Beginning at 7:00 a.m. on Friday, July 24, 2015, CMCF and WOC will unite efforts not only to give back to area residents, yet also to improve the Surf Fest with new aspects, including a ‘Christmas in July’ themed after party. Guests are encouraged to bring an unwrapped toy for the Christmas drive.

Event highlights:

  • Heart of Surfing with Billabong & local pro surfers taking Autistic & Special Needs kids surfing.
  • Special memorial celebration honoring long time event supporter Ryan DeWitt.
  • Parent/Child team surfing.
  • The Surf Fest after party will be held at 6:00 p.m. at The Ocean City Waterpark on the boardwalk.
    • After party entry fee of $45 includes: Dinner, refreshments, beverages, live entertainment, a silent auction, and raffle.

The Surf Fest and Chip Miller Charitable Foundation (www.chipmiller.org) were created in memory of Chip Miller in 2004. Just a few short months after Chip was diagnosed with Amyloidosis, the world lost an incredibly special person. In his memory, Chip Miller’s family and friends founded the Chip Miller Charitable Foundation to empower people with the knowledge and understanding of Amyloidosis — for earlier detection, ensuring a better quality of life for those afflicted with the disease, and to help science find the cure.

Lance Miller, Chip’s son who carries on his father’s legacy, highlights the event by saying, “The Annual Surf Fest is always an event that I truly enjoy year in and year out. Not only is this event for an incredible cause that’s near and dear to my heart, but the event has become a true reunion of friends, family members and supporters.”

Lance Miller continues, “My family and I are incredibly grateful for all the hometown support that the City of Ocean City provides us each year. The 2015 event this year is certain to be bigger and better…we’re hopeful to capture a new audience as we work with Waves of Caring.”

The Chairman of Waves of Caring, Jim Smith, notes that “The Waves of Caring [organization] is excited to announce our partnership with the Chip Miller Foundation. Many of the supporters for both organizations enjoy spending time in beautiful Ocean City. We hope that this partnership will help to broaden the exposure of the great work that both sides have done over the years.

Smith also points out, “We hope that this partnership will inform these supporters of the effects of Amyloidosis as well as the programs that Waves of Caring have established. We look forward to a long term partnership with such a well-run foundation.”

Meanwhile, the event’s perennial organizer/planner, Nick Bricker, shares his thoughts: “We want to take Surf Fest in a new direction for its 12th year. After attending the Waves of Caring event in December, I realized that partnering up with them was the way to go. Who better to partner with than the Waves for Caring – a dynamic local grassroots group that directly helps those in Ocean City.

Bricker emphasizes, “I couldn’t be more stoked to partner with them because now we are not only helping Amyloidosis Awareness, we are helping the local community directly…and without their support, we would never be where we are today.”

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Information about the Chip Miller Charitable Foundation is available to consumers via the Internet at:

Journalist note: For high-resolution photography and more information on the Chip Miler Charitable Foundation, visit www.ChipMillerCharitableFoundation.com.

Lance Miller, Foundation Acting President, son of the Late Chip Miller; (717) 385-1553

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What Everyone Should Know

Amyloidosis occurs when enough abnormal protein, called amyloid, builds up in one or more organs to cause a malfunction. As an abnormal protein, amyloid originates in bone marrow. The heart, kidneys, nervous system and gastrointestinal tract are most often affected by the disease.

Signs and symptoms of amyloidosis depend on the organs affected. The wide range of symptoms makes it difficult to diagnose. For more information about amyloidosis – including signs/symptoms — visit the Chip Miller Charitable Foundation website http://chipmiller.org/about_amyloid.php.

The mission of the Chip Miller Charitable Foundation is to empower people with the knowledge and understanding of amyloidosis for earlier detection, ensuring a better quality of life for those afflicted with the disease and to help science find the cures. To learn more about amyloidosis and to make a donation to the Chip Miller Charitable Foundation, visit our site at www.ChipMiller.org.

For more information about the Foundation, to make donations or purchase pins, please call or visit our Web site (www.ChipMiller.org).

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