Wrap-up of Annual Chip Miller Events

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Wrap-up of Annual Chip Miller Events
Another Successful Year of Golf and Surf Fests in Ocean City

OCEAN CITY, NJ – This past week, the Ocean City area hosted two successful events – the Chip Miller Surf Fest and the Chip Miller Clubs & Cars Golf Classic.

12th Annual Chip Miller Surf Fest

The Chip Miller Charitable Foundation (CMCF) brought energy and fun with the 12th annual Chip Miller Surf Fest. Without a doubt, the perfect weather along with pleasant offshore breezes complemented the day’s fully contestable surf.

At 8:30 a.m., a tidal wave of surf fans, friends, and families ebbed onto the 7th Street beach to kickoff this special surf event that has been honoring Ocean City’s hometown hero, Chip Miller. Each year, this event raises awareness and funds to help the CMCF mission, which is getting the word out about amyloidosis.

The 2015 edition of the “Chip” had a strong draw — a record year, in fact. Lance Miller speaks fondly of his late father and best friend when he notes, “I believe my father was looking down on us. In fact, I know he was looking down on us. The waves were perfect for the contestants and the weather was a superior summer day. Miller continues, “On behalf of the CMCF board and my family, I’d like to take a minute to thank the contestants, the sponsors, the volunteers, those that donated to the cause and the City of Ocean City for their support. On another note, I’d like to thank each of the media outlets that helped us achieve our mission – thank you!”

12th Annual Chip Miller Surf Fest — Results

Parent / Child
1. Team Dinofa
2. Team Richards
3. Team Gesler
4. Team Levy
5. Team Kelly
6. Team Pustizzi
7. Team Dunn

Stand Up Paddle Board
1. Tom Obrein
2. Bob Faustman

1. Teddy Lyons
2. Scott Platt
3. Jimmy Naplacic
4. Aiden McCarron
5. Peter Anderson
6. Caroline Bowman

1. Gabriel Dunn
2. Tom Matthews
3. Joe Keenan
4. Steve Zarnoff

1. Jimmy Naplacic
2. Ryan Santriago
3. Joey Kelly
4. Nick Brady
5. Scott Kirkpatrick
6. Sammy Chatzinoff

Jr. Men
1. Nick Brady
2. Ryan Gerberg
3. Calen Connell
4. Sammy Chatzinoff
5. Doug Raab
6. Craig Nordberg

1. Joey Kelly
2. Bobby Beckett
3. Andrew Mangel
4. Kyle Levy
5. Jack Dinan
6. Jason Stein

1. Seamus Carey
2. Tucker Collins
3. Zeb Hinker
4. Zoe Bourgeois
5. Olivia Cook
6. Cory Levy

1. Riley Boditsaris
2. Zoe Bourgeois
3. Jordan Siok
4. Brynn Bowman
5. Aspan Lawler
6. Jen Domsic


3rd Annual Chip Miller Clubs & Cars Golf Classic

This year’s Chip Miller Clubs & Cars Golf Classic enjoyed perfect weather. Temperatures were pleasant, in the low 80’s, with no humidity and only a few clouds in the sky. During this picturesque day, the Stone Harbor Golf Club did an outstanding job hosting the Chip Miller Clubs & Cars Golf Classic. Smiles were aplenty on the faces of the event’s golfers.

By the close of the terrific day on the links, everyone enjoyed eyeing some amazing automobiles, ranging from an exotic Ford GT, to the all new Corvette Stingray. Other car icons included a Porsche Cayman and a classic ’63 Corvette. Many new friends were made throughout the event as everyone came together for a great cause.

Perennially, the benefit auction always carries some incredible items, and this year’s event showcased even better items than last. Auctioned items included local restaurant gift certificates all the way to autographed sports memorabilia. Participants enjoyed an amazing time and are looking forward to 2016.

Lance Miller summed the day up by saying, “It was great to see everyone smiling from ear to ear. It was one of those days you just wanted to be outside all day due to the perfect weather. Fortunately for me and 100 or so golfers, we did just that. Miller went on to claim, “The event went off without a hitch. I can’t say enough good things about the Stone Harbor Golf Club. The staff is incredible, the food is over the top, and the golf course is stunning! Special ‘thanks’ goes out to each of the supporters of this fine event.”

3rd Annual Chip Miller Clubs & Cards Golf Classic — Results

Winning Team: Mower Team
AJ Sciarra
Pete Kelly
Ryan powers
Justin Casey
Score: 61
Craig Nordberg Team
Craig Nordberg Jr.
John Jackson
Colin Rosche
Score: 63

David Rihl Team
Nick Bricker
Pay O’Hara
Last minute fill in
Score: 64
Sean Mckeever Team
Brett Mower
Last minute fill in
Score: 64

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Information about the Chip Miller Charitable Foundation is available to consumers via the Internet at:

Journalist note: For high-resolution photography and more information on the Chip Miler Charitable Foundation, visit www.ChipMillerCharitableFoundation.com.

Lance Miller, Foundation Acting President, son of the Late Chip Miller; (717) 385-1553

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What Everyone Should Know

Amyloidosis occurs when enough abnormal protein, called amyloid, builds up in one or more organs to cause a malfunction. As an abnormal protein, amyloid originates in bone marrow. The heart, kidneys, nervous system and gastrointestinal tract are most often affected by the disease.
Signs and symptoms of amyloidosis depend on the organs affected. The wide range of symptoms makes it difficult to diagnose. For more information about amyloidosis – including signs/symptoms — visit the Chip Miller Charitable Foundation website http://chipmiller.org/about_amyloid.php.
The mission of the Chip Miller Charitable Foundation is to empower people with the knowledge and understanding of amyloidosis for earlier detection, ensuring a better quality of life for those afflicted with the disease and to help science find the cures. To learn more about amyloidosis and to make a donation to the Chip Miller Charitable Foundation, visit our site at www.ChipMiller.org.
For more information about the Foundation, to make donations or purchase pins, please call or visit our Web site (www.ChipMiller.org).

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