14th Annual Chip Miller Surf Fest Presented by Billabong

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14th Annual Chip Miller Surf Fest Presented by Billabong
Life is good in Ocean City, NJ

Sadly Chip Miller passed away in 2004 from a little known disease called amyloidosis. He was a great man and friend to many and lived by a simple motto “Life is good”. His passion shined through over and over and was an amazing family man. We’re confident he was looking down ensuring the day was successful, and hid do a phenomenal job!

The event that was destined to be held on July 30th! Terrible weather forecasts forced the 14th Annual Chip Miller Surf Fest to change the date to a couple days later. Sunday, July 30th will be engrained in many surfers heads for a long time! The surf: PERFECT! The weather: PERFECT! The fun: ALL-TIME! The smiles: PRICELESS. The awareness for a terrible disease called AMYLOIDOSIS: over the top!

The waves and weather couldn’t have been better for this family-friendly extravaganza. With the incredible ingredients at hand it really showcased the unbelievable surfing talent that’s offered in this area. The talent shined all day long, the stoke spread throughout the beach. This 14th annual event will be one for the history books, if you were there you know what we’re talking about. If you weren’t there, you missed an amazing event.

The 7th Street beach became a sea of people, sponsors and tents. Event organizer and Chip Miller Amyloidosis Foundation board member said it best, “It only took 14 years to get perfect surf, but this year we did it!” Indeed the surf was perfect and extremely rare for this time of year in Ocean City, NJ. But the surfing talent was stunning and fierce throughout the fun-filled day making it fun for everyone on the beach.

If you didn’t make it down to the Ocean City, NJ 7th Street beach on Sunday, you really should have. But not to worry, the 15th Annual Chip Miller Surf Fest promises to be bigger and better than ever. The Chip Miller Amyloidosis Foundation will be hosting our first Inaugural Chip Miller ’80s Skate Fest at the OC, NJ Skate Park on August 11th starting at 11am. Following the Skate Fest you won’t want to miss the Slide for Amyloidosis held at the Ocean City, NJ Waterpark on August 11th starting at 6pm. Amazing raffle items such as surfboards, GoPro camera, Ipad, FitBit, Yeti Cooler and much, much more will be available to win! To find out more and to register visit us online at: https://chipmiller.org.

We enjoy spreading the word about amyloidosis, check out some of the press and pictures:

Ocean City Daily

Atlantic City Press

Pictures by Love at First Snap

The results of the 14th Annual Chip Miller Surf Fest:


1.       Tucker Collins

2.       Cruz Dinofa

3.       Ethan Dunn

4.       Chris Jordan

5.       Jack Cook

6.       Owen Dunn


1.       Tucker Collins

2.       Ethan Dunn

3.       Cole Devaney

4.       William Bumpernick

5.       Ryan Devins

6.       Zeb Hinker


1.       Sophia Whelan

2.       Sienna McDermot

3.       Zoe Harison

4.       Clara Meehan

5.       Molly Applegate

6.       Olivia Cooke


1.       Jack Dematteo

2.       Nick Brady

3.       Pat Taylor

4.       Joey Kelly

5.       Roc Damico

6.       Jeremy Nordberg


1.       Meredith Medema

2.       Sienna McDermott

3.       Olivia Eggert

4.       Waden Ay


1.       Jake Dematteo

2.       Danny Jones

3.       Jimmy Naplacic

4.       Nick Brady

5.       Ryan Simalchik

6.       Brian Abrams


1.       Jimmy Naplacic

2.       Brian Abrams

3.       Eric Plyer

4.       Chris Lisi

5.       Meredith Miedema

6.       Tyson Herison


1.       Rob Kelly

2.       Sam Hammer

3.       Andrew Gessler

4.       Brian Warly

5.       Justin Casey

6.       Kevin Morris

7.       Jesse Rendell


1.       Team Gesler

2.       Team Hammer

3.       Team Dinofas

4.       Team Randazzo

5.       Team Beningo

6.       Team Nordbergs





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