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“The Quest” Documentary

THE QUEST chronicles the beginnings of Corvette Racing at the famed Le Mans 24 Hour Endurance Race in France. Corvettes first appeared there in June of 1960.

The film re-caps that historic race and what happened to both the Corvettes and their drivers.

Following the race, all the Corvettes were lost for decades.

Collectors, restorers and enthusiasts came to recognize the historical significance of these cars, and an undercurrent of frantic searching for them was put into motion.

Corvettes at Carlisle co-founder Chip Miller set a personal goal of finding the 1960 class-winning #3 Corvette, acquiring it, and restoring it. Finally, he wanted to return it to Le Mans in 2010, with one of the original drivers, legendary racer John Fitch, to mark the 50th anniversary of the car’s win.

But a chain of heartbreaking events prevented Chip Miller from completing his vision.

THE QUEST reveals a series of sub-stories that all feed into the emotional tale of a son doing what he felt compelled to do in honoring his father’s wish.

Told by many of the people directly involved, THE QUEST uses archival materials
to weave a story never told in its entirety…until now. Please consider making a donation of $40 today and we’ll send you a Quest DVD!